Successful divorce mediation for couple previously unable to come to terms

One of the most important benefits of divorce mediation is that the process enables couples to retain control over the terms and outcome of their entire divorce. Otherwise, after a lengthy trial a Judge decides the outcome of the divorce.

After explaining this key benefit of the mediation process to our Clients, they were extremely eager to begin the Divorce Mediation process and hopeful that they would be able to work through all of their disputed issues, including custody, child support, and division of the marital home.

RESULT: Clients completed 4 mediation sessions. With the help of Mediator’s suggestions and sample scenarios, along with insight on the relevant Massachusetts case law and statutes, Clients were able to resolve all of their contested issues, including custody, satisfactory Parenting Plan for both parties, and equitable division of all marital assets and liabilities. The mediation process was complete within eight weeks of fist session, and all necessary paperwork was drafted and filed with the Court accordingly. Couple’s Divorce was subsequently approved without delay.

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